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PURPOSE. Why Some People Never Find It

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

"Ahhaa! I got you now!" This is me talking to my purpose a few years back. Pesky little thing... I looked for it everywhere! Even worse than that, once I found it, I had to do something with it!

Ever considered this is why some people never find their purpose? It's too much responsibility? What if you find out that you are supposed to lead the next civil rights movement? Or that you are single-handedly supposed to cure cancer, or end world hunger? Like, what the @$%#& am I supposed to do with that information? Go to 'heal the world' college??? Yet, despite this deep rooted fear, some of us truly have a calling on our life. Through the fear, we can hear this nagging voice telling us we are gifted, that we are meant to lead, meant to do something great.

Fear of being great is what holds most of us back... it's even stronger than the fear of failure. Can you just imagine, our next great world leader is playing video games right now, scared, hoping to never discover their purpose because... well, it's all just too much? While I do have some empathy, it's just not fair to the rest of us!

As a person of color, if you have been blessed with gifts that can impact change, the world needs you! Your community needs you! Don't rob the world of your talents because you are afraid. I'll even make a deal with you, you work on being excellent at whatever it is you do, and me (and my army of talented professionals who are already out there killing it) will work on creating pathways and opening doors to help you get there. Deal? Identify your purpose and fulfill it. Stop being scared... ain't nobody got time for that!

If you are reading this and experiencing a little anxiety because you think I'm talking about you, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Dr. Tai. I am a woman of color, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, pursuer of social justice, mentor, teacher, researcher, and professional healer. I started this blog because 1) It frightens me to think our next generation won't step into their talents due to fear, lack or resources, or inspiration, and 2) I'm fulfilling my purpose (leading by example),which is to inspire others.

Through my work, I guide mostly young people of color towards discovering their purpose, expanding their current understanding of profitable career opportunities, towards pursuing excellence in all things, and towards engaging in practices that support a healthy mind and spirit. Let me be clear (in my best Barack Obama voice)... if you stick with me, I'm committed to helping you:

  • ​Discover Purpose conquer your fears and uncover your purpose

  • Expand Your Career Choices explore gainful employment opportunities you never knew existed (you don't have to be broke while fulfilling your purpose. #ballin)

  • Set the Standard for Excellence be better and do better than the rest

  • Stress Less keep your sanity while achieving greatness

Get ready to Dream Bigger, Reach Higher & Achieve Excellence!

Yours Truly,


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