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Taisha Caldwell-Harvey, PhD.

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Founder & CEO | Licensed Psychologist  California #PSY29135


From the outside, it may look like you have it all together, but what I know to be true, is that being "successful" does not shield you from emotional pain— and sometimes it complicates it. 


I founded The Black Girl Doctor in 2017 after finally figuring out how to effectively teach others how to avoid burnout AND be successful. I was long done with working myself sick and I was pained by watching others achieve everything but be completely empty on the inside. When it finally clicked for me, that joy and success didn't have to compete with each other, everything changed and I'm a better clinician, teacher, sister, friend, partner, and change maker because of it. This is the message I aim to spread in my work. 


My biggest pet peeve in life is wasted potential. I believe deeply that each of us needs the other to fulfill the calling on their life so we can advance as a community. And that includes you!


As a therapist, I provide a safe space for ambitious, high achievers to work through things most people in their lives won't understand— dreams bigger than their own comprehension. I guide my clients through their pain or whatever they are grappling with, and help them create meaning, find direction, and see strength where they thought there wasn't any.


I practice within a short term model and offer real solutions using research based methods. You can expect to gain a new perspective, learn new skills, and to rid yourself of whatever is preventing you from fulfilling your purpose. I look forward to connecting with you, learning about your strengths, and teaching you how to use them to overcome any obstacle.​

In terms of my formal education, I am a proud alumna of Spelman College, and earned a Masters and PhD in Counseling Psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I completed both a nationally accredited predoctoral internship and a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California Irvine and I have over 12 years of professional experience.  I'm a published author in academic literature on best practices in wellness, career selection & achievement motivation, I spent 7 years as a mental health consultant for the largest public university system in the country, and I've had the privilege to be mentored by several of the founders and original leaders in Black psychology which lead to specialized training in healing practices for Black/African people.


On a personal note, I was born and raised in the beautiful California Bay Area but have also lived in Southern California, the Midwest, and in the South. In terms of preference, it's a toss up between SoCal and NorCal, but the west coast is definitely where I belong! I value family, close friendships, and am a total romantic at heart 🖤

I started The Black Girl Doctor because I truly believe that Black women deserve joy—  especially those of us who are called, and who answer that call, to do great things! Our desire to be excellent and share our gifts with the world should not rob us from experiencing all the love, money, and happiness that life has to offer. I find joy in using myself as a tool to heal, encourage, and inspire others. It's simply my purpose.

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