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The Black Girl Doctor

Being "successful" does not shield you from emotional pain— and sometimes it complicates it.


Life is hard for most people most days, but when you add in the complexity of pursuing goals that few people can comprehend, it can feel incredibly isolating— and things can start to unravel pretty quickly.


The Black Girl Doctor is a boutique therapy practice specializing in the mental health and wellness of women who were meant to do big things. We are a team of highly skilled psychologists committed to ensuring that those who chose to lead our communities do not have to sacrifice happiness while fulfilling the calling on their life.

That's right, your joy is a social justice issue!

Tailored to Black Women

While we welcome a full range of diverse clients into our practice, we want Black women to know, we are thinking of you in every decision we make.


We know what it's like be a professional Black woman pursuing love and happiness in a world that is not always affirming.


We believe our cultural experiences matter. We believe you shouldn't have to censor yourself in therapy. We believe you should be able to talk about family, the complexity of your identity at work, racism, social justice, Black Lives Matter, beauty standards, intimacy, your hair, your body image, self-doubt, your bigger than life dreams, and anything else that is on your mind.


And we believe you deserve a provider who just gets it and who has the knowledge and experience to integrate all those nuances into a culturally relevant plan to help you find your love, grow your money, and get your happiness. That's us!

Short Term

Ain't nobody got time or money to be in therapy for-ever!

We agree with you. We will make sure to keep you focused on resolving the issues you came in to deal with so you can get on with your life. We practice within a short term model which means most clients will work with us for about 10 - 15 sessions

What if your life could be on a pathway to looking and being radically different two weeks, six months, one year from today? What if we really do have more power over creating our future than we think?
-Dr. J 
Licensed Psychologist
I believe that we were created for connection and that one of the greatest gifts one can receive is to be truly understood.
-Dr. C
Licensed Psychologist

Completely Virtual

We know, you have 99 problems preventing you from scheduling a therapy appointment. But let us help you out with a few. The Black Girl Doctor has always been completely virtual.


You will have your session over a secure video platform. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and private space.


That's right, you can talk from your office, bedroom, or even the closet (if that's what it takes to get a little privacy). No traffic, No parking, No drama!

Evidence Based

This isn't your typical girlfriend chat. You will work with a real doctor who will offer you real solutions using research backed interventions. If you commit to doing the work, you can expect to gain a new perspective, learn new skills, and rid yourself of whatever is preventing you from living your best, purpose-filled life.

Corporate Wellness

While traditional mental health and wellness responses target just the individual level, we know that disparities in workplace wellness are not simply disturbances of the mind. They are the result of reactions to socio-cultural, political, and environmental circumstances.


Thus, our approach includes assessment, consultation, and interventions meant to address workplace culture, policy, and training for senior leadership.

  • We staff only the highest trained professionals in the field

  • We ensure our programs are grounded in research

  • We overdeliver on expectations

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