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We host live events and offer online courses on topics most relevant to ambitious professional women.

We believe that your desire to be excellent should not have to compete with your ability to experience joy.



Living with Intention (Webinar Replay)

Learn how to accurately assess your accomplishments and how to set healthy, life changing intentions for a new year.


This course gives you access to the recording from the live webinar plus free downloads of the worksheets to help you map our your vision for the year ahead! 

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Healing Circles 

Healing Circles are intimate spaces that uplift and support Black communities as they experience racial trauma.


Join a live sessions to learn critical skills needed to persist. You'll have an opportunity to share your truth, bear witness to the experience of others, and become empowered by the collective spirit that emerges when a culture unites for one purpose— to heal.

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The Why I'm Still Single Challenge

Are you getting in your own way and blocking your blessings when it comes to love and relationships?


Take the challenge that will make you question everything you think you know about why you're single when all you really want is to be in a committed relationship.  

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