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The Black Girl Doctor is a boutique therapy practice specializing in the mental health and wellness of professional Black women. We employ a team of highly skilled psychologists and aim to be a top choice for busy women in leadership positions who want to live well. We offer virtual therapy, wellness coaching, corporate events, and advising services. The company is rooted in the belief that each of our desires to be successful should not rob us of all the love, money, and happiness that life has to offer. We are fully committed to Black Joy as a social justice issue. While we specialize in the unique needs of Black women, we service a diverse clientele and operate an inclusive practice that affirms people from all racial/ethnic backgrounds, gender and sexual identities, and all intersecting aspects of culture. 


We have several openings for contract Psychologists and are looking for highly skilled clinicians to join our team. Interested candidates should have a passion for working with our target population (high achieving professional Black women), be adept at providing evidence-based, culturally responsive clinical care, be social justice oriented, and tech savvy. This is a part time remote position requiring approximately 15 hours per week. 


  • Conduct a minimum of 10 direct client hours per week

  • Commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week of prevention and outreach assignments which may include services such as group coaching, psychoeducational workshops, healing circles, speaking engagements, etc. 

  • Timely completion of notes and documentation in alignment with best practices 

  • Quarterly contributions to thought leadership (i.e.: blog post, article commentary, live stream, social media, etc. on a topic relevant to our target population)



We are a private pay practice and offer competitive compensation and bi-annual bonuses. You will earn a percentage of your sessions and consultation fees for all work. Plus enjoy completely remote work with a flexible schedule, training, optional clinical consultation, and professional development opportunities. 



  • PhD or PsyD in Counseling or Clinical Psychology from an APA accredited institution

  • Valid license to work independently as a psychologist in any state (or license eligible within one year of hire)

  • No disciplinary action against your license

  • Competency in evidence-based treatment modalities

  • Coursework and/or supplemental training in culturally responsive models of care for Black folks

  • Strong desire to champion Black mental health


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