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Shawndell Clay, PsyD. 

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Licensed Psychologist  California #PSY30986

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Wellness Coaching Coming Soon

Do you pour your best into showing up for others at work, at home, in your friendships and relationships…

but need a quiet space to show up for yourself?

Our loved ones frequently encourage us to be strong, independent, and the ever-popular “resilient.” But I am betting you are already those things. You already put your best foot forward, you already carry your burdens with grace, you already problem-solve with savvy. I see you and want you to know that you do not have to do all of those things by yourself.

Mental wellness is not merely the absence of sickness - it is a state of harmonious being. As a mental health professional with over 15 years of experience, I am honored to collaborate with others as a fellow traveler on their journey to their ideal lifestyle. We achieve this together by using evidence-based practices (e.g., CBT, ACT) to identify and deconstruct unhelpful thought patterns that keep you stuck in behaviors that may have been adaptive in the past but no longer serve your present. This might include seeking validation from people whose opinion you no longer care for, working towards goals you no longer desire, or striving for hyper-independence when you really want to try on vulnerability (#softlife). 

My formal education has been marked by dedication and excellence, beginning at Clark Atlanta University (shout out to fellow HBCU community!) with a B.A. in Psychology and minor in English Literature, and culminating in a Doctor of Psychology degree from the PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium. I completed an APA-accredited internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the Georgia State University Counseling and Testing Center.

I have worked with clients across various settings including corporate wellness centers, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and veteran’s affairs hospitals. I have gained extensive clinical experience with adults who are navigating depression, anxiety, trauma, race-based stress, identity formation, multicultural issues, and work stress.

Just like you, I am a multi-faceted being. Outside of serving clients, I find solace in books, euphoria in 90s music, inspiration in figure skating, spiritual reset in the presence of the ocean, and peaceful rest in quiet Netflix nights with my dog.


#BlackExcellence is everything but being everything is exhausting. You can likely achieve all of your dreams and goals on your own but I firmly believe you should not have to if help is available… and it is. I look forward to collaborating with you to bring the gloriously diverse parts of your being into alignment with the life you see for yourself.

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