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Our Year Long Black Mental Health Event Series

The Plug & Play Wellness Membership You've Been Looking For!

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“We exist to create harmony between career success and the mental wellbeing of Black professionals.”

Unhealthy work environments wreak havoc on Black mental health and can derail even the most promising career trajectories, making targeted workplace wellness a social justice issue. 


Our Plug & Play Black Mental Health Event Series supplements your existing health benefits by connecting Black psychologists with your company for a minimum of four engagements throughout the year. Our program is designed to address the unique wellbeing needs of Black individuals which include building real community with other Black professionals, fostering a sense of radical hope while resisting oppressive environments, and practicing culturally centered strategies that enhance mental health.

We're trusted by innovative companies nationwide



4 Virtual Wellness Events

Get instant access to our quarterly wellness events with unlimited attendees. Each event is facilitated by our expert team of Black psychologists. Our dynamic topic list and format is responsive to current events and offers a brave space for attendees to process the state of the world in community with people of a shared identity.  Each event is grounded in an evidence based approach to enhancing wellbeing, is interactive, and leaves attendees with tangible skills and resources. 

An Extended Community of Support 

Even when everything goes right, it can be really hard to build community for a small subset of your employees. It is also really hard to be the only or one of very few people who look like you in an organization. We solve this problem by bringing together the few to create a beautiful mass. The result is an instant expansive community of support. Everyone who registers for an event with us receives an invitation to join our online community of Black professionals where we regularly share resources, encourage connection, and raffle off tons of wellness prizes. 

Beautiful Promotional Material

Everyone loves nice things and each of our events start with beautifully designed promotional material. In advance of each event you'll receive a marketing toolkit complete with everything you need to promote the upcoming event via email, print, and social media. Simply add your logo to the material (or not) and start sharing it with your community. 

Event Summaries

Stay in the know with regular reports. After each event you will receive an event summary with participant feedback and attendance data, giving you a clear picture of each event's success and the impact on your team. You will be able to use our easy to read reports to share updates with key stakeholders.  

Support & Customization 

We manage all event logistics for you but if you need help with anything, we got your back! You will have a dedicated account manager to answer all your questions and offer technical assistance if needed. Plus, we love to customize. We offer a host of optional add-on services for you to choose from including: assessments, individual wellness coaching and therapy packages, a psychologist in residence service, custom events, onsite events, and celebrity sourcing. 


Imagine a career opportunity that offers everything you desire – your dream job, the right compensation, and meaningful work. Yet, it demands a sacrifice of your mental health and happiness. What would you choose? 

This is a reality many Black professionals face, forced to decide between career success and mental wellbeing.

Are you ready to ensure your Black employees don't have to make that choice? 



Black people are at increased risk for stress related health disparities.

While rates of mental illness among Black Americans are comparable to other racial groups, it is usually untreated, more severe and leads to greater rates of disability when compared to all other groups. 

83% of large companies offer health and wellness programs but only 10% have health equity initiatives. 

Police killings contribute to 1.7 additional poor mental health days for Black Americans.

Wellness programs are effective with an estimated ROI of $4 - $6.75 for every $1 spent.

Wellness interventions are effective at reducing adverse health and career outcomes but culturally responsive interventions for Black people have been mostly non-existent. 


We proudly partner with colleges and universities seeking a long-term partnership that centers Black mental health and wellbeing for students, faculty, and staff. Click below to request a quote for our Academy Noire membership.

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