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Elevated and Powerful Black-Centered Wellness Experiences.

Unhealthy work environments wreak havoc on Black mental health and can derail even the most promising career trajectories, making targeted workplace wellness a social justice issue. 

The Black Girl Doctor is the leading provider of niche workplace wellness services for large to mid-sized organizations. Our innovative services supplement your existing wellness benefits and offer high quality care to employees often left underserved. 


Our expert team of doctoral level mental health professionals are fiercely dedicated to helping organizations cultivate sustainable investments in Black mental health as a means to nurturing an optimal workplace culture for all.

We take a strength-based approach and prioritize data driven strategies, with the understanding that when we empower employees to move in alignment with their highest selves, companies will reach their fullest potential and surpass all expectations!

Are you ready to build a more inclusive and just society together? 

We're trusted by innovative companies nationwide

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Testimonials (169) (5 × 3 in) (2)
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WWD Testimonials Website (5 × 3 in) (1)
WWD Testimonials Website (5 × 3 in) (2)

Black Employee Wellbeing Assessments

For when you need an evidence based wellness blueprint to elevate company culture for your Black employees. Our wellness assessments provide organizations with insight into the well-being of their Black employees. After a thorough assessment, we share anonymous feedback and offer evidence-based recommendations for enhancing employee wellness and improving retention rates.

Healing Circles 

For when your employees are hurting and you need a compassionate guide to lead a dialogue that requires vulnerability. Rooted in cultural traditions, healing circles are evidence-based interventions for responding to racial trauma. We hold these sacred spaces exclusively for Black communities to heal from the emotional pain caused by systemic oppression.

Fireside Chats

Schedule an up close and personal discussions with our expert panelists. Our custom fireside chat experiences engage employees in dynamic dialogues on trending topics. We bring together up to three expert panelists to explore an issue from varying perspectives, inspire deep thought, and broaden beliefs related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Celebrity sourcing available by request. 

Signature Workshops

Book our signature wellness workshops when you want to add new skills to your employees toolbelt for living a more full life. Our rotating signature workshop series will bolster self-care practices and promote sustained wellness.​ All workshops are tailored to your audience and custom topics are available by request. 

I want to see people live their dreams, I want to see people feel empowered, I want to see people love their life.
-Dr. Akilah
Licensed Psychologist

Employee Wellness Coaching 

An individualized approach to elevating your teams productivity and experience of work-life harmony. We utilize a solution focused coaching model where our doctoral level mental health providers serve as wellness coaches and teach employees how to assess their wellbeing, prioritize self-care, and problem solve their most pressing challenges.

Psychologist In Residence

Your very own in-house Black psychologist embedded within your organization to provide ongoing consultation, DEI strategy, and culturally competent wellness services. While each appointment is unique, our psychologists in residence may conduct research, provide training and education, serve on committees, consult with leadership, host workshops, hold office hours, and/or lead campaigns that promote mental health awareness. 

Custom Consultation

Whether you are drafting your first mental health policy, looking for ways to engage your Black employees in existing wellness initiatives, having trouble with retention, or simply concerned because you don’t have a pulse on needs of the community, our licensed psychologists offer custom consulting services to help you reach your goals of creating more inclusive communities.


Services for Colleges & Universities

We proudly partner with colleges and universities seeking long-term partnerships that center Black mental health and wellbeing for students, faculty, and staff. 

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