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What if you could live a significantly better life  after just a single coaching session? 

Single Session Coaching at The Black Girl Doctor is a solution focused coaching experience for professionals struggling with work-life balance and career related stress. We approach each session as if it will be your only session and work towards targeted solutions to your most pressing challenges. Why? Because you deserve to win in your career and be incredibly happy!


How it works
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Decide if coaching is the right service for you


Review our coaching vs. therapy chart to make sure you understand the difference between these two services. If coaching is the right fit, we can't wait to work with you. If therapy is more your jam, check out our services here. 

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Register for coaching & complete the initial paperwork


During the registration process you'll review our consent form, select your coach, and book your first appointment online. You'll also be asked to reflect on your goals and respond to a few questions during the sign up process. Once confirmed, you'll receive an email with a zoom link and everything you need to be prepared for your session. Full payment is required at the time of booking.  

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Attend your coaching session and start living better


Coaching sessions are 90 minute appointments where you will talk with your coach about the challenges you outlined in your initial paperwork. We approach each session as if it will be your only session and focus on results. Your coach will help you further define your goals and identify actionable solutions to help you move forward.  You will be held accountable for reflecting on what you learn and to have acted on that learning before scheduling another session with your coach.   


Book a session

New Clients!

If this will be your very first appointment with us, start here so we can walk you through the registration process. 

Returning Clients

If you've already completed the registration process, you can find your coach and schedule follow-up sessions here.

What can we help with?

Finding work-life balance in the midst of burnout culture

Navigating cultural stereotypes and commanding respect as a leader

Eliminating self-limiting beliefs so you can stop playing small, reach higher and go further

Navigating microaggressions or a hostile work environment

Talking through complicated work related politics

Exploring your life at the intersection of gender, race, sexual orientation, and other social identities in career planning and advancement  

Understanding what it truly means to live well and accountability for your health and wellness goals

Being the only or one of very few people who look like you in the workplace




Exploring career changes, finding purpose, and clarifying values

Finding and maintaining a support system so you don't have to do it all alone

Achieving personal goals related to money, love, and happiness

Coaching  vs.  Therapy

Coaching vs Therapy


  • Life has you stressed and while you kinda know what you should be doing, you haven't been doing it. 

  • You've been in therapy and now you need help implementing the things you learned. 

  • You are going through something hard professionally and want to talk through strategies with a professional who will challenge you to move in alignment with your values.


  • You need help processing something painful from your past. 

  • You think you might be depressed or have a problem with anxiety.

  • You are looking to build a long term relationship with a clinician who can help you though something difficult like a breakup or a loss. 

  • You have no idea what you need but you feel strong emotions and talking to a Black Girl Doctor sounds like a good idea. 


All our coaches are trained at the doctoral level and excited to work with diverse clients across all gender identities. You'll get to choose the coach that is right for you when you sign up

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