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All of our coaches are trained at the doctoral level and are excited to offer this inclusive service to people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and all gender identities. View their bios to find the best fit for you! 

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Click to view each coaches bio and see their availability. 

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Dr. Dominique

Are you ready to shift your energy, prioritize yourself, and show up authentically?

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Dr. Jill

Get ready to live your life unapologetically and without sacrificing who you are at your core.

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Dr. Kiére

Let's create an actionable plan to help you live your best life!


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Dr. Dom

We'll identify, align, and commit to your values so all areas of your life connect!

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Dr. Tai

"We are each seeds of divinely inspired possibility. Let's tap into all we were meant to be."

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Dr. Akilah

"Guiding you to embrace authenticity, cultivate self-compassion, foster connections, and live with purpose."

Choose to book a single coaching session or select a package for an additional cost savings. 

Single Coaching Session

A single session to delve deep into your most pressing challenges.

Quarterly Coaching Package

4 sessions 

$1,300 ($325 per session)

Half Year Coaching Package

6 sessions

$1,900 (~$315 per session)
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