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The Black Girl Doctor Holiday Gift Guide

(2022 Edition)

Just as soon as you’ve thrown out or frozen all those Thanksgiving leftovers, the scramble to determine what gifts to give your loved ones this Christmas season begins! Now, maybe you were on it and swooped up all the dope black Friday and cyber Monday steals, but many of us are still left trying to decide what to get that one family member who is super hard to shop for! Have no fear, us Black Girl Doctors are back again with our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! These options will hopefully get those creative juices flowing via a few of our personal favorites for this season of giving!

Dr. J says nothing can beat a good read, and who else believes knowledge is power!? *raises hand* These Black owned book subscription options may be just right for you and yours.

In her own words: “I have always loved reading. I love the way a good book transports you to another world and immerses you into the thoughts, feelings, and worldview of another. Reading is a form of self-care for me, and an easy way to temporarily lay aside the cares and burdens of this world. Reading expands, encourages, and emboldens me and if you love reading too, I hope you will find your next exciting adventure (or escape) with one of these subscriptions!”


Dr. Monique gives us some vacay staples for those traveling during the holidays! If you are going somewhere tropical you can check this cute cover up, and for Christmas dinner dress up your outfit with this adjustable gold brass cuff!

In her own words: “When I think about the holidays, I think about getting away! I’m looking forward to vacationing to a warmer climate and getting my fill of vitamin D. This cover up is the perfect dress to take you from poolside to dinner. I also love these brass cuffs in all the sizes. You can wear one for a simple look or stack them for some minimalistic glam for that holiday.” party.”


Dr. Connesia is bringing us the smell goods for this holiday season! We know nothing is as nostalgic as those staple holiday scents as you snuggle up and watch your favorite holiday movies! So what better gift than luxe candles? Dr. Connesia shares a few of her go to sites for your candle needs and why she believes they are the best gifts!

In her own words: “I LOVE candles!! It's one of my favorite ways to create a vibe. When I think of the holidays, I think of being cozy and relaxed and candles go a long way in creating that feeling. And candles are the gift that keeps on giving! Whenever someone lights a candle that you bought them, they are sure to think of you as they sit back and enjoy that moment of self care.”


Dr. Dom shares a unique gift for those looking to give something special to the little ones in their life! These handmade dolls are sure to put a smile on your baby’s face, and even better, you can find one to match the hairstyles and skin tones of folks who look like us!

In her own words: “Who doesn't love a beautiful Black doll that represents their child's unique beauty? As a child, my aunt would buy me a barbie every year. I think the last one she bought me was for Christmas when I turned 13, and at that point, I had to politely tell her I was no longer interested in dolls. However, if these dolls had been available when I was a kid, I know I would have been obsessed with them. Each doll is uniquely made with different hair textures and styles, skin tones, and unique fashion styles. They are even available at Target if you need to snag a last-minute gift.”


Dr. Shelly gives us all things upscale! David Yurman offers a variety of gorgeous jewelry options for all holiday occasions at a steeper price point if you are looking to treat yourself or your loved one, but The Real Real offers us luxe options on a budget (and you know we love a good deal)!! They even offer the option to sell those older items collecting dust in your closet so you can earn more money to shop for the holidays.

In her own words: “For uptown luxury and effortless sophistication (Ok that was from the website), I actually love the David Yurman stacking of bracelets, bangles and rings that makes my arm BLING! The Real Real is a site that offers lots of luxury goods for a fraction of the price. It makes luxe items accessible for most price points and therefore is a fave of mine. You are also able to sell items too which promotes sustainability and passive income earning.”


Dr. Akilah gives us a super cool way to begin the gift process before we even get to the present itself! She shares a gift wrap company that has some gorgeous options to add some flare and representation to our Christmas wrapping!

In her own words: “This Black owned company offers adorable gift wrap and gift bags to celebrate special moments. In the spirit of connection and Black joy, having Black art to wrap your gifts in celebrates the life and humanity of our people.”


Dr. Tai offers us a high quality jewelry option for those looking to add a few staple pieces to their collection, and swears by the best sellers collection from Stella and Haas Jewelry. Also why not go into the new year with a little BGD swag and give the gift of affirmations to a loved one! Our Black Girl Doctor Affirmation Journal is the perfect stocking stuffer and it’s available on Amazon!

In her own words: “I’m into minimalist jewelry but I still want to make a statement! This company does the trick with high quality pieces that are dainty, classic, and will give you that expensive look without breaking the bank. Also, who doesn’t love a beautiful journal? This one is special because it includes affirmations from all The Black Girl Doctors!”


If you still need more, and want some jewelry with good energy, Dr. Dominique loves our fave top models' new venture Eva by Eva Marcille. They have a variety of bracelet, necklace, ring, and anklet collections including some with crystals for intention setting and evil eyes to ward off negative energy!

In her own words: “I love me some crystals but my girl Eva has made them luxeeee! She has all different types of jewelry but my favorites are the different bundle sets that incorporate different crystals with bangles, charms, or designs that make them look expensive and sleek. You still get the good energy from the crystals individual properties but can now also wear them to dress up an outfit!”


And there you have it... our 2022 gift choices. Cheers to you and happy shopping!


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