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Join a Wellness Community

Life is so much better when we do it in community and we want you to come sit with us!  

We've curated targeted wellness groups to support you in your pursuit of building a life you are excited to wake up and live! 

You can think of our wellness communities as a guided self-help experience (in a group format) for anyone looking for a little extra support and accountability in reaching their wellness goals.


Learn How Coaching Works


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Find the right community for you. 

Browse our list of available groups and choose the one that aligns with your current wellness goals. While you are welcomed to join multiple groups, we encourage you to start with one at a time! 

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Enroll and set your goals & intentions. 

After purchasing your membership you'll receive immediate access to our coaching portal where your coach has detailed everything you need to get started. Additionally, you'll be asked to set specific growth goals for your time in the group so you are able to clearly track your progress.

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Attend your first group coaching session.

Our small intimate groups are meant to provide you maximum attention and support. You will meet weekly with one of The Black Girl Doctors who will know you by name, track your growth, and push you to dream bigger and live bolder. The best part is that you'll get to experience this with a group of incredible women whose presence will motivate and inspire you. Each group is 60 minutes.


Monthly Memberships starting at $125/mo 

Your membership is billed monthly and there are no long term commitments (cancel any time before your next billing cycle). Groups meet for either 2 or 4 coaching sessions each month. That's less than $65 per session! 


All groups meet either weekly or bi-weekly on the same day and time. While members should expect to stay enrolled for about 4-6 months to meet their goals and solidify new habits, you may elect to stay longer or cancel your enrollment at any time. Space is limited so groups stay small and impact stays high. 

Coaching Groups


Mask Off!


Wellness Coach - Dr. Dominique Blanchette

Thursdays 12pm PT / 3pm ET 

How many masks can we wear before we forget our true face? Mask Off is a biweekly, wellness coaching group, aimed at providing a safe space to have real conversations about the masks Black women wear in different spaces, and how we can begin to heal from the erasure and conditioning that has occurred over many years based on various societal narratives and traumatic experiences. Using Dr. Thema Bryant’s new book, Homecoming: Overcome Fear and Trauma to Reclaim Your Whole Authentic Self, as a guide, we will take the “journey back home to our authentic selves” together!


Getting What You Want in Sex, Love and Relationships

Wellness Coach - Dr. Shelly-Ann Collins Rawle

Date & time TBD

You deserve an abundance of love and intimacy and connection. In this group, Dr. Shelly coaches you on how to get more of what you want out of sex, love and relationships. You'll discover what is most meaningful to you and how to better communicate your needs. You'll learn strategies to reduce anxiety when connecting with your partner and tips for dating in the digital age. Plus, each week there will be a challenge for you to complete to propel you into action aligned with your intimacy goals. This group is for both single and partnered individuals.  


Yes, Mama Matters

Wellness Coaches - Dr. Akilah Reynolds & Dr. Domonique Shaw

Mondays 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Calling all the mamas with little ones to join us in discussing the 4th trimester. So much happens after the baby comes and in this community of support we talk about it all. Come for brutally honest guided conversation about how to show up for yourself as a mom because yes, you matter! This is a drop in group where you can come as often or as infrequent as you like. Weekly topics are customized to the needs of the members but sample topics include: Baby Care Basics, Creating a Village of Support, Traumatic Childbirth, Body Image, Pandemic Parenting, Going Back to Work. 



Wellness Coach - Dr. Jacquelyn Johnson

Mondays  12pm PT / 3pm ET 

There is a whole generation of millennials and genXers who are securing the bag, but whose dysfunctional money beliefs are keeping them stuck in a cycle of broke! Join Dr. J weekly to talk all things money mindset. Learn to create healthy boundaries that serve you well, and set you up to make smart decisions that will leave you positioned to make lots of money and to enjoy it without all the guilt!


Academy Noire: A Community of Support for The Black Doctoral Experience

Wellness Coach - Dr. Jillian Lynum

Thursdays  12pm PT / 3pm ET

Stepping into greatness and leadership by starting the journey to a doctorate degree is a rewarding but grueling process. For Black doctoral students, the normal stressors are often compounded by literal isolation from other Black folks, experiences of overt and covert racism, lack of knowledge of the spoken and often unspoken politics of navigating academia, and the weight of historical trauma. But you CAN do this, and we can come together to form a beautiful community of support that lifts you up, fills in the knowledge gaps, unveils gaslighting, and allows you to rest and celebrate yourself as you achieve great things. Come join us! 

More Coaching Groups Coming Soon! 

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