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Black Employee Wellbeing Assessments

When you need an evidence based wellness blueprint to elevate company culture for your Black employees.

Workplace wellness is a core element of our overall health, and even before the double pandemics of COVID-19 and the 2020 national civil unrest, Black employees have contended with workplace stressors such as racism, pay gaps, and underrepresentation.

Consequently, the data concerning the well-being of Black employees is also strikingly clear, unhealthy environments wreak havoc on Black mental health and can derail even the most promising career trajectories making this a social justice issue.

During our wellness assessments, we host a community forum where we provide a safe space for Black identified staff to share their experiences of racial trauma both personally and in the workplace. We assess for company morale and the general mental/ emotional health of your Black employees as a collective. We aggregate this data and provide an anonymous analysis that includes a wellness rating and evidence-based recommendations for responding to the identified needs.



Assessment Participant

Thanks so much for setting up an environment that felt so warm and close, even though we were all far apart! I look forward to what you all can bring to enrich the company, and I am so excited to feel as though we have representatives for "us" from the outside, now looking in. Thank you again!

Executive Leadership

I cannot believe you were able to gather this much insight from our staff.  This goes far beyond any wellbeing survey we've ever done. The report you provided was thorough and eye opening. At the same time, some of it was hard to hear, but I know we need to hear the hard stuff if we ever want things to change. Thank you for presenting the data to us in a space that felt safe. We are looking forward to building a sustainable wellness program for our Black employees with your help.  

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