Wellness Workshops

Self-care and joy are radical acts of resistance in the face of systematic oppression and injustice.

Research on the impact of racial trauma suggests that the pain endured by Black communities can result in increased rates of depression, anxiety, family conflict, loss in work productivity, derailment of career trajectory and wealth, poor physical health, and even physical pain. In short, simply being Black in America subjects you to poorer health and wellness outcomes, making this a social justice issue.

Despite these alarming statistics, further research teaches us that many of these effects can be buffered by interventions that facilitate a space for Black people to process their experiences with others with shared identities, increase social connection, and promote resilience, hardiness, fortitude, resistance, and other traits.

Taught by top professionals who specialize in the health and wellness of Black/ African people, we offer a dynamic series of culturally responsive resilience trainings. Submit an inquiry to request a quote for one of our featured session or to schedule a consult to explore custom offerings.



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Surviving the Resistance! Guidance on living through a double pandemic—

from Black Psychologists

It takes a certain kind of seemingly supernatural strength to be Black in America and given the current climate of COVID and the racial uprising, most of us are not OK! Join us for a discussion with 4 Black Psychologists who are committed to holding up our communities during this time. They will share their best guidance for surviving the resistance and leave you with practical tools to withstand, endure, and persevere through another day.


The instructor was great!

It was really wonderful to have that experience with people that look like me and have gone through similar experiences as me in the workplace and beyond. The instructor was great and kept the conversation flowing and productive. I think I love her.

I'd like to have these on a consistent basis

The session was very much needed and I'd like to have these on a consistent basis. I really liked the square exercise because it made me very calm.

This was absolutely phenomenal!

I have been in survival mode so long, sometimes It feels like I don't know how to thrive outside of that but today I learned how. This was absolutely phenomenal, so much gratitude for your time and the impact it has made!