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Your mindset can steal your wealth: Destroy limiting beliefs to create infinite possibilities

I just bought another first-class plane ticket. I'm so excited to fly to New York in luxury in a couple of weeks.

I'm looking forward to sipping on a drank and getting some good rest on the long flight. What if your mind was the only thing that was holding you back from flying first class all the time, from buying your dream home, or from taking the extravagant vacations you've always dreamed of?

Most of us are taught to live within our means, to keep our heads down, and to not think too highly of ourselves for risk of being perceived as stuck-up or pretentious or like mama said, too big for our britches.

This is probably the reason I never even considered flying first class for most of my life. Those seats weren't for me. In my mind, they were for the wealthier, more moneyed folk who could afford it (not me, a little Black girl from the Bay Area who's still trying to figure out life).

I'm not sure exactly when, but I later figured out that as long as I felt like that and believed those things, and as long as I stayed too scared to test my limits, money would always stay just out of reach for me.

But what if you found money not intimidating but empowering?

What if money wasn't something that limited your possibilities and opportunities in life but instead helped you pursue them with vigor and passion? There are sometimes real life barriers around making money, but I find that the most powerful ones are those we create in our minds.

While I value humility, I also know that our minds are extremely powerful and can either propel our wildest dreams or keep us stuck behind an imaginary wall of blocked possibility.

I think one of the most devastating things that can happen to us is that we live our whole lives within a confined space, never venturing outside of the lines. And not because something greater isn't possible, but because our minds have tricked us into believing that what we have is all there is (or all we are worth). But unless you've already tested every limit and pushed up against every boundary, trust me, you haven't seen all life has to offer.

I remember when I read a book called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne for the first time. There are so many mind-shifting insights in this one, but there's an especially powerful idea that really resonated with me: money is energy and our thoughts create money or block money from coming to us.

It turned out I had some serious limiting beliefs around wealth that were holding me back (and to be honest, I'm still working on a few).

In another book, We Should All be Millionaires by Rachel Rogers, Rachel talks about how money is a metaphor for our thoughts. We can think of money as a canvas and our beliefs are the paint that we use to create what's possible with money. She stresses that our money mindset is more powerful than any physical limitation we'll ever have.

As a psychologist, I can share that changing your deep core beliefs about something requires 3 things:

  1. A powerful experience to give you a good jolt and bring that destructive belief into the foreground instead of having it hang out in the shadows of your life.

  2. You need to learn new healthy beliefs to replace the old crappy ones!

  3. You need to practice acting on your new beliefs to strengthen your commitment to them until they become habit.

It takes work to dig deep and root out our self-limiting beliefs, but it can be done—and when you do finally break through them, I promise it will be about more than a first class flight. It's so much deeper than that. It's about stepping into your worth and showing up to live abundantly empowered by your own success! #limitless #alwayshavemcdonaldsmoney

What limiting beliefs have been holding you back?

What lessons have you learned that probably aren't serving you? If you want help figuring it out and support creating and acting on new beliefs, you can join our weekly coaching group, Money Mindset Mondays. Click here to learn more.



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