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Healing Circles

For when your employees are hurting Healing Circles are evidence-based interventions for responding to racial trauma.

While our overarching goal should always be to eliminate anti-Black policies, practices, and culture that maintain health disparities, we must also acknowledge the very real pain Black communities are experiencing in the present.


Limited to 25 people per session, and lead by licensed psychologists, we host intimate sessions where attendees are given a safe space to emotionally process their experiences. 

Additionally, participants learn critical skills for buffering the impacts of racial trauma and become empowered by the collective spirit that emerges when a culture unites for one purpose— to heal.


Each session is 90 minutes long and participants are required to be on video during the session. Submit an inquiry to request a private circle for your organization. 



It was like breathing again

This was the first time that I've had this type of a safe space at work with people who looked like me. I was hesitant and glad I pushed through and went to the session. It was like breathing again after sharing collective pain, anger, hope, hopelessness etc.

I can't thank you enough

It felt really good to get some of the things I've been feeling lately off my chest. I'm so glad I attended. I can't thank you enough. I would like to see more affirmative sessions like this during this highly stressful time. 

I loved the sharing

I loved the sharing, the openness and the supportive environment. I also loved being in the company of beautiful, brilliant and unapologetically black sisters/nieces and brothers/nephews!

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