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Kiére Eichelberger, PhD.

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Licensed Psychologist  California #PSY30120 | Virginia #0810005897 | Hawaii #PSY1800


I love myself– The quietest. simplest. most powerful. revolution. ever.   -Nayyirah Waheed

How do you know whether you really love yourself? Oftentimes, even when we are successful in certain areas of our lives, we can be our own worst critic. Our fear of failure or struggles with identity can make it difficult for us to accept and cherish ourselves. 

Can you imagine diving deep to uncover who you really are, what really drives you, and what makes you uniquely you? Is it your love of nature? Your appreciation for geek culture? 


I love accompanying clients on their journey to uncover what it means to truly love themselves, deeply, genuinely, and whole-heartedly. My approach to therapy includes teaching you specific tools to fall in love with yourself while exploring your values within a safe and brave space.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Cal State San Marcos and completed my PhD in clinical psychology (health psychology track) at Alliant International University San Diego campus.


My nationally accredited predoctoral internship and postdoctoral residency were completed at Naval Medical Center San Diego where I served four years as an active duty psychologist and Lieutenant. I also hold a graduate certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University. 


I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings including community clinics, department of defense, veterans affairs, and universities in various leadership roles.

I am a California native born in San Francisco, and raised in San Diego. I love all things geek, animals, music, comedy, and the arts. I am Afrolatinx and fluent in Spanish. Spending time with my loved ones, basking in nature, and quad skating brings me joy. 
I’m so grateful to be able to collaborate with and serve people on their journey to healing. It’s my goal to help you live your best life because you deserve it!

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