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Mental health consulting with Black psychologists.

While traditional mental health and wellness responses assume that racial trauma should be treated at the individual level, we should be cognizant of the fact that the impact of anti-Black racism is not simply a disturbance of the mind, but rather, the result of reactions to socio-cultural and environmental circumstances. Thus, if we want to foster authentic, long-term wellness for Black people, we cannot simply have Black people adjust to the social pathology that causes trauma. Rather, we must become advocates for systemic change.

Our licensed psychologists offer both short and long term consulting services to help you reach your goals of creating truly inclusive communities. Our expertise ranges from helping you develop mental health policies, evaluating allyship training, strengthening engagement and retention efforts, executive wellness coaching, to the creation of custom mental health programs and wellness services. Submit an inquiry to schedule a free consultation call to discuss how we can best support your needs. 



5/5 star rating on quality!

They met expectations and provided high value by being so approachable and in turn making our mental health discussion an open one with the staff. We had a lot of engagement when we presented our work to the leadership, which I felt was a testament to her clear, concise consultation. 

Extremely organized and clear!

She was extremely organized and clear up front on how best she works with organizations so we had clear expectations on how to work together which meant we didn't waste time or our money!

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