An exclusive therapy referral service for professionals

Making the decision to go to therapy is hard enough and finding a culturally competent therapist who can meet your needs shouldn't be the thing that stops you from getting all the healing you deserve.

We wish it wasn't so hard to find a therapist— 

When you're already low on energy, doing the researching to find a therapist can feel daunting. 


Sadly, this is the thing that stops most people of color from actually starting their healing journey. 

With Therapy Concierge, we do the work for you so once you've made the decision to heal, everything else just falls into place!


Here's what happens:

  •  You schedule a 30 minute phone consult for Therapy Concierge 

  • One of our licensed social workers will call you at the designated time to learn about your needs and preferences. She will help you understand your options and know what to expect from your first therapy appointment.

  • Then, we do all the hard work while you kick your feet up. We  verify your benefits, scour through the best directories and find culturally competent therapists. We only recommend the highest trained licensed professionals for your situation.


  • Within one week, you'll receive a custom list of therapists who are waiting for your call. ​


  • You schedule your therapy appointment and get started with the healing process!​


  • You'll have 30 day s from the date you receive your referral list to request more options if for some reason things don't work out with your new therapist. 


Simple Pricing  $149

We created Therapy Concierge for you if:

You've been thinking about getting a therapist for some time now but haven't taken any action. Or maybe you started to look but got annoyed after the first 2 therapist didn't return your call or said they weren't accepting new clients.

You know yourself well enough to know that if you don't outsource this, the probability of you getting your butt into therapy anytime soon is slim to none.

You're the kind of woman who doesn't like it when you get scheduled with the physicians assistant instead of the doctor.  You want an expert but the thought of researching the difference between a psychoanalyst and a psychologist and deciphering credentials like LPCC, MFT, NPC, PhD, PsyD gives you a headache (seriously WT*)!  

Your life is busy and you are truly trying to put yourself first. However, time is money you know that the 5 to 10+ hours it will take you to figure all of this out on your own is better spent closing a deal in the office or spending time with your family.  

As a person of color, you can't just see anyone and the last thing you need is to be referred to a therapist who you have to explain your existence to and can't just be yourself.  You'd love to get a referral from someone you can trust, like an auntie who also happens to be a doctor.

Here's what we'll do:

  • We'll do all the tedious research of navigating your benefits, explaining to you how/if to use them, and calling therapists to confirm whether they are accepting new clients. 

  • We'll only recommend experts. We refer to the highest credentialed person for your situation. 

  • We'll save you money by saving you time. We'll deliver your referrals with easy to follow instructions within one week. 

  • We'll match you with a culturally competent therapist of color. You'll never have to explain why you prefer to see someone from a certain background. We get it! 


Simple Pricing  $149

The Concierge Team

Tametra Johnson, LCSW


Director of Concierge Services

Tametra is a licensed clinical social worker with over 15 years of experience in care coordination, case management, and providing direct mental health services. She has worked across the country and held professional licenses in Georgia, Illinois and California, where she currently resides.


She is known for her expert ability to find just the right resource for any situation. She has a passion for connecting people of color to competent mental health resources in their community and leads a team of case managers at The Black Girl Doctor who are eager to make your journey towards healing a little easier.  

Frequently asked questions

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Watson & Co. Events started as a referral only business focusing on Day-of Wedding Coordination. One client quickly turned into ten, then only grew from there. To this day, our business is mostly based on referrals. Our clients hear about us from previous clients, wedding guests and vendors within the industry. Watson & Co. Events prides itself on our integrity and honesty, as well as our unique and personal approach to meeting our clients needs. We are detail oriented, efficient and professional. Our goal is to ensure our clients get good value, high quality services for thier hard earned money and in turn create stunning events. We only work with vendors that share in the same integrity and high service standards. We are sure that should you choose Watson & Co. Events, you'll find out why we're one of Toronto's top event planners.

Do you offer "Wedding Day Only" Day-of Coordination packages?

Stacey Watson Earle began Watson & Co. Events as a wedding Day-of Coordination company. With experience, she learned that clients are not as well served by the Day-of Coordination packages as they are with Month-of Wedding Planning. Why? Day-of Coordination does not give the Event Planner an oppurtunity to review contracts, timing and venue logistics ahead of your event day. Month-of service allows the Event Planner to reveiw all these items to ensure all vendors are properly organized and the many moving parts that go into creating your wedding day or event are working together in harmony. Day-of Coordinators frequently spend their time trying to fix various timing or logistical errors that are easy to fix in the month before your wedding, but almost impossible to fix on the day-of. Month-of services become a much better investment for your wedding, which is why we do not offer Wedding Day Only Day-of Coordination.

Are you hiring?

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Watson & Co. Events respects all clients' privacy concerns. We are happy to sign NDA's when needed and only contract vendors with the highest level of professionalism and discretion. We do not share photos without express permission.

What is your pricing?

Many of our clients prefer us to prepare a bespoke package based on their specific needs. Pricing depends on the number of vendors, the timing of the event and the location. Please email us to receive our price list for our wedding packages. Some of our clients prefer to be charged an 18% management fee on all componants Watson & Co. Events manages for the event. We are happy to work with either option you prefer, please contact us here for a custom quote.


Simple Pricing  $149